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One of the largest manufacturers of farm equipment in the country is John Deere. They make everything from John Deere tractors and mowers to the clothes to wear while operating them. You know it's a John Deere tractor by seeing the familiar green and yellow trademark colors. They started in the tractor business in 1918 and have been successful ever since.

John Deere invented the steel plow in 1837 and it revolutionized farming in the United States. He built a steel plow that did not accumulate dirt on the bottom which made plowing much easier for our farmers. The motto for his company quickly became "Nothing runs like a Deere". The John Deere company not only manufactures farm equipment but they make reliable lawn equipment for the general public. Their riding lawn mowers, blowers and edgers can be found in any community. John Deere branched out and now also produces snow removal equipment and gas barbeque grills. It is hard to find a household in the United States that does not have at least one item with the John Deere logo on it. John Deere T-shirts are very popular right now with young adults, as are the familiar green and yellow hats.

Another popular brand in the farm industry is Ford. The Ford Tractor has been around since 1907 and in the beginning they were called Fordson Tractors since Henry Ford did not want to confuse anyone with the Ford line of automobiles he was producing. Antique Ford Tractors can bring in a nice amount if you find one in good condition. Henry Ford prided himself on building dependable farm equipment as well as cars and trucks.

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Farming has evolved through the innovation of technology. Over the years there were many great inventions. From Eli Whitney's Cotton Gin to Joseph Dart's Grain Elevator the life of a farmer was constantly changing. With the introduction of gas tractors farmers could not get their jobs done faster and more efficiently.

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Farm equipment used today has really come a long way from what it was years ago. In the past farming was done manually with walk behind plows and sickles. Todays farmer has the luxury of gas powered and electric farm tractors, cultivators, spreaders and loaders. Since 1910 gasoline powered tractors were being used extensively in farming. In the early 1950's farmers were able to decrease the number of animals used to help them with their chores. Farmers used to have more horses than tractors but that all changed with gas powered tractors. Farmers could now spend their money on these items and not worry about feeding and taking care of their horses and mules. Farm work was still hard but the farmers could get more done by adding automation to their daily routines.

The invention of the farm tractor was by far the greatest invention that aided the farming community in the United States. By getting the work done quicker farmers could increase their crop output and potentially increase their yearly earnings.

La nostra empresa creada l'any 2003, tot i ser molt jove, disposa d'una gran experi?ncia entre els seus fundadors de mes de 15 anys, el que fa que sigui una de les principals empreses del sector. Disposem d'una amplia flota de maquinaria al seu servei, dirigida pel personal qualificat per a dur a terme les diferents tasques amb el millor resultat.

Maquinaria de l'empresa:

? Maquina retroexcavadora FERMEC 760 (any 2000)
? Maquina retroexcavadora FERMEC 760 (any 2003)
? Maquina girat?ria CASE 988 (any 2002)
? Maquina girat?ria JCB JSI 60W (any 2001)
? Maquina cargadora (toro) FIAT W170 (ano 2003)

? Camio Dumper basculant Mercedes 6000 Kg (any 1999)
? Camion Dumper volquet Astra HD7/C64 (ano 2003)
? Camio Dumper basculant Renault Premium 340 (ano 2001)
? Camio Dumper volquet Astra HD7/C64 (ano 2004)

Entre els nostres treballs m?s habituals destaquem: moviment de terres, enderrocs, preparacio i neteja de terrenys...

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